Our Quest for the Treasures

TV Alliance is specialised in the distribution of television programs. This is not an easy business, as it is hardly possible for independent distributors to access the latest Blockbuster movies. Therefore one need to be innovative and fast.

There are some pearls in the market below thousands of hours of television programs which are produced every year. This enourmous program output is impossible to oversee for most tv stations. We mean pearls in terms of content and quality, sometimes in an intellectual sense and for a small target audience only. However, sometimes these wonderful programs make sense for a broadcaster. We love these programs as this is simply fantastic television for people with brain and intellectual aspiration.

And – of course mostly wanted – there are a few pearls in the market in terms of commercial aspects. Generating top ratings for reasonable costs.

We try to find both kind of “pearls” for our clients.

Our Distribution Philosophy

We are doing our homework.

We always identify the exact needs of our clients and don’t waste their time by drowning them with hundreds of screeners. We consider the needs of our clients today, but we are brooding also about their requirements of tomorrow.


We Appreciate Being Your Partner!

You don’t know as an ad agency how to start a pitching process for commercials?
You are over budget with your tv production?
Your production company is dangerously in red numbers?
Your ad agency does not have a FFF department and the experience in commercial film production?
You don’t know how to cope with your producer/vendors and value the budgets and processes?
You even want to start a broadcaster?

There are many problems in this business!

Call Us!

TV Alliance provides a wide range of consulting services to production and distribution companies, television channels, ad agencies:

  • Program sales and acquisition
  • Program development
  • Development of new business and marketing strategies
  • Staffing
  • Development of CIs/station IDs
  • Surveys
  • Technical expertise
  • Optimization of work processes
  • Raising of venture capital and co-ventures
  • Project evaluation and funding
  • Art buying
  • Cost controlling

Due to its carefully selected partners and experts in these fields of activity, TV Alliance is a valuable partner to optimize your business plans.


We Get Your Project off the ground!

We are (co-)producing all kind of factual programs and commercial films. TV Alliance operates a worldwide network to selected directors, authors and production companies. Thus, we are able to serve all nonfiction genres – from wildlife to lifestyle, from automotive to food.

Directors and Authors

We joyfully welcome unique concepts, storylines or ideas for new light entertainment formats. With many years of international experience in the media business we probably will be able to help you getting your project “off the ground”.

Foreign Distribution and Production Companies

We appreciate to review your programs whether in terms of distribution, (co-)production/presale or production. As an expert in distribution, without obligations to any single producer or broadcaster, we are in a postion to bring you favourable sales and assist you to get your deal done.
Please submit your project including the following materials and informations:

  • Program synopsis
  • Treatment
  • Screener if available
  • Production budget if available
  • Status of development/production
  • Track record of director
  • Production schedule
  • Delivery dates


Dubbing documentaries is our thing. And we have over 20 years of experience!

We are TV producers and therefore the last step of the whole production process is making a German language version. As a service provider we have been working with every big German TV station in this segment for over 20 years. We have experience in all genres: science, technology, nature, wildlife, history, current affairs, adventure, fashion, travel, and more.

Best voice actors and writers

Making a good German language version is not exactly rocket science, but we know that choosing the right voice actors and having really good writers is extremely important. We only work with the best voice actors and have a permanent team of writers. In terms of content, we research all the facts properly and translate correctly.

We would love to help you with your next project!

If you are interested in working with us, please find more information here or contact Barbara Wolf at our production company TV A3 Productions.