GENRE: Reality
DURATION: 78 x 30′
Season 4: 10 Episodes
Season 5: 10 Episodes
Season 6: 11 Episodes
Season 7: 7 Episodes
Season 8: 10 Episodes
Season 9: 10 Episodes
Season 10: 10 Episodes
Season 11: 10 Episodes
YEAR: 2004 –

COUNTRY: New Zealand

For many years, BORDER PATROL NEW ZEALAND has been the most successful reality documentary on German television. It gives an exciting insight into the stressful daily work routine of New Zealand’s border protection. Numerous travelers, ships and consignments arrive at New Zealand every day and have to be controlled. Criminals and smugglers are not the only danger for the island. That’s why officers thoroughly search the bags of travelers to make sure that pests and plant diseases cannot endanger New Zealand’s unique ecosystem.

Spin-offs: Border Security: Canada’s Front Line, Border Security: Australia’s Front Line, Border Security – America’s Front Line