CONTRACT KILLERS is a documentary series about the most-dreaded men of international crime: men without a conscience.

GENRE: Infotainment Crime
EPISODES: 13 x 60 minutes

Based on authentic and spectacular international murder cases, we examine a specific professional group:
CONTRACT KILLERS. Who are these men? How do they work? We report on their cover identities, per- sonalities, private lives and “jobs” – killing other humans in cold blood for money. Without emotion or mercy. From the lowly street-killer to the perfectly- trained contract killer working for the Mafia. The series CONTRACT KILLERS takes a suspenseful look at the struc- ture of organized crime around the world. Police officers, forensic specialists, coroners, district attorneys and even CONTRACT KILLERS themselves provide a realistic insight into their working methods and psyches. A shocking glance behind the scenes of organized crime and its most dangerous pro- ponents. A journey into the depths of the human soul. An encounter with death dis- guised as human being, CONTRACT KILLERS.