Our Quest for the Treasures

TV Alliance is specialized in the distribution of television programs. This is not an easy business, as it is hardly possible for independent distributors to access the latest Blockbuster movies. Therefore one need to be innovative and fast.

There are some pearls in the market between thousands of hours of television programs produced every year. This enourmous program output is impossible to oversee for most tv stations. We mean pearls in terms of content and quality, sometimes in an intellectual sense and for a small target audience only. However, sometimes these wonderful programs make sense for a broadcaster. We love these programs as this is simply fantastic television for people with brain and intellectual aspiration.

And – of course mostly wanted – there are a few pearls in the market in terms of commercial aspects. Generating top ratings for reasonable costs.

We try to find both kinds of “pearls” for our clients.

Our Distribution Philosophy

We are doing our homework.

We always identify the exact needs of our clients and do not waste their time by drowning them with hundreds of screeners. We consider the needs of our clients today, but we are brooding also about their requirements of tomorrow.