We Appreciate Being Your Partner!

You are an ad agency and do not know how to start a pitching process for commercials?
You are over budget with your tv production?
Your production company is dangerously in red numbers?
Your ad agency lacks an FFF department or experience in commercial film production?
You do not know how to cope with your producer/vendors and value the budgets and processes?
You even want to start a broadcaster?

There are many problems in this business!

Call Us!

TV Alliance provides a wide range of consulting services to production and distribution companies, television channels, ad agencies:

  • Program sales and acquisition
  • Program development
  • Development of new business and marketing strategies
  • Staffing
  • Development of CIs/station IDs
  • Surveys
  • Technical expertise
  • Optimization of work processes
  • Raising of venture capital and co-ventures
  • Project evaluation and funding
  • Art buying
  • Cost controlling

Due to our carefully selected partners and experts in these fields of activity, TV Alliance is a valuable partner to optimise your business plans.