One little family in Germany is about to help shape the future of eco-travel. They’re setting out on a 28.000 kilometer global adventure: circumnavigation our planet as has never been done before: only on the use of sunlight and wind!

EPISODES: 13 x 60 Minutes
FORMAT CREATOR: BuckleUp Productions

Professional adventurer Dirk Gion has already proven to beat all kind of challenges: in 2004 he became the first person to cross a continent on a kite-board (project EARTH FLYER). In 2007 BMW converted a Formular car into a “wind-mobile” for Gion and his team (project WIND RACER). Finally, in 2011 Gion developed and piloted the WindExplorer, the world’s first long-distance wind car, across Australia (project WIND EXPLORER). Thus, his project WIND-SOLAR-EXPLORER is the latest and logical highlight of the evolution of an extraordinary idea.