GENRE: Factual
DURATION: 5 x 60′ (1 season)
YEAR: 2019

One temple, two worlds: The Shaolin Temple is considered the birthplace of the Chinese martial arts. 1.5 million tourists travel there every year to see the pompous temple and its performances. But behind the huge walls there is a well-kept secret: the secret power of Shaolin. Here, in the Shaolin Temple, Buddhism and martial arts meet. Their martial art is kung fu. It is a place where the most disciplined fighters in the world are trained. Ultimate skills, incredible fighting techniques and superhuman strength are the order of the day in the Shaolin monastery.

For the very first time, this series takes a look behind the scenes. It’s a story full of ups and downs and so far unsolved secrets. The people behind the martial arts are also unique. Times have changed and kung fu has changed. But the hard school remains. But: what is legend and what is reality