Following the big success of the “Bob Ross Painting Show”: A tv painting course with HERDIN who shows and explains the oil-painting techniques of the Old Masters.

EPISODES: 50 x 24 minutes
YEAR: from 2020
COUNTRY: Germany | France
LANGUAGE: English | German | French

Herdin is an artist from France, former friend and student of SALVADOR DALÍ’s, and one of the most successful and experienced still life painters in Europe.
Our television series offers easily understandable basic technical know-how for all learners of oil painting as the handling of oil colours is a challenge for both experienced painters and learners. Unexpected difficulties, technical impediments and failures are often the reasons why the first attempt at learning this art remains the last. But with the right instructions, first success is soon within reach!

Further, a comprehensive selection of merchandising products is available: paint boxes, greeting cards, giclées and much more.