EPIC INK shows a group of talented tattoo artists and their love of tattooing pop culture at their Oregon-based shop, Area 51 Tattoo.

Episodes: 10 x 30′
Year of production: 2014
Country: USA
Language: German

Meet Chris 51 and his out-of-this-world team of tattoo artists at Area-51 Tattoo as they bring comics, cartoons and fantasy to life in eye popping ink. Get ready for the most hyper-real geek-chic tattoos imaginable: Chris-51 tattoos a rabid fan with Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heather crafts an epic portrait of Sloth and Chuck from the 1980’s adventure, The Goonies and Chris Jones brands an Arnold Schwarzenegger devotee with the ultimate homage to Ah-nold.