Infotainment prime time: All that glitters is not gold! This is more than true if it comes to the used car market – the ones who don’t have the experience very often have to pay through one’s nose.

Episodes: 46 x 1 Hour
Year: 2006-2011
Country: Germany
Language: German

How is it possible to keep track with the constantly changing used car market? Not a problem with the CHECKER: Alexx is a rock singer and professional motor freak. He knows all the bad tricks of the sellers and the benefits and downsides of all used cars currently in the market. He values a car inbetween seconds 100% correctly and keeps an eye on hidden taints. Every episode CHECKER Alexx is on the search of the “dreamcar” for a special client. In the end, the car will be professionally pimped up by tuning angel Lina van de Mars. The CHECKER brings much of a car for less money!