GENRE: Thriller
DURATION: 1 x 90 Minutes
YEAR: 2005
COUNTRY: Finland
LANGUAGES: German/English
DIRECTOR: Anders Engström

CAST: Saija Lentonen, Ilkka Heiskanen, Svante Martin and others

The Finnish Company Makela Mobile is one of the largest mobile phone producers in the world. They are ready to globally launch a revolutionary new mobile phone series when interrupted by shocking news. A secret report discloses that the already shipped mobile phones cause brain tumors. The 26-year-old investigating reporter Satu Rossi works as the press secretary for Makela Mobile. She left a poorly payed job at the local paper ”Sanomat” for a flashy lifestyle, new car and luxurious apartment. After her former colleague at Sanomat disappears after having gotten hold of the fatal report, Satu’s investigative instincts are awakened…
An suspenseful thriller about a contemporary issue with a surprising turn