BUILD IT BIGGER, Danny tours the globe breaking down state-of-the-art construction projects that are changing the lives of millions of people for the better.

Episodes: 14 x 60′
Year: 2003-2015
Country: USA
Language: German

Architect Danny Forster gets up close and personal with mega-construction. Along the way, Danny explores design and construction of amazing structures. Danny loves what he does, brings some background knowledge, and gets hands on at every site. Each episode takes Danny to to a different location where he drops onto an ongoing mega-project to explore parts that create the whole. Along with designers, engineers, builders, and those who work on these structures, he’ll find the most dangerous, most spectacular, most difficult, and most ingeniously executed aspects of the job. He’ll work with everybody -from the suits to the hard hats, pressing, probing, looking for the cracks, swinging a sledge- all on the job.