TV Alliance and Beckoffice Seal Format Rights For Emmy Award Winning Show THE PHONE – Salzburg/Amsterdam (ots)

In the evening of December 23, 2009, TV Alliance and its partner Beckoffice agreed with licensor Absolutely Independent, Amsterdam, on a rights deal for the new and successful reality entertainment format THE PHONE. The US version of the show has been produced by Justin Timberlake.

Somewhere in a city two cell phones are ringing in two different places. Two random people are answering the phone – and the chase for 50,000 Euro is beginning. In just three hours both contestants have to overcome five assignments. Only then they will find the suitcase with the money. Cash and for taking home. The show is shot in real time and with hidden cameras. The Phone received top ratings in the US, Australia and five further countries already. 

Just in September 2009, the show has received the Emmy Award, in 2008 it has been awarded with the Rose d’Or and the Bronze Lion in Cannes.

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