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TV Distribution

TV Alliance distributes selected television programs worldwide. Our distribution partners are broadcasters, distributors, producers. Our clients are all kind of distribution platforms – from tv stations, phone or internet provider. However, we are not a “normal” distributor who is offering a big catalog of programs to his clients. We do not drown our clients with emails, screeners and other marketing materials. Moreover, we know specific markets in depth, carefully analyse the needs of our clients and than combining a small selected offer package with specific programs from a variety of sources.

Before all, we try to discover and develop new innovative programm colours.

Consulting and Service Providing

TV Alliance provides consultancy services and serves as a co-operation partner to local and international broadcasters, internet platforms, advertising agencies and further media companies.

TV Production

We develop new programs in cooperation with broadcasters and produce them with highly acclaimed creatives.

Commercial Film Production

We produce commercials, industrials and product films with top creatives and our partners in Great Britain and the US.

TV Channel Development

TV Alliance develops bankable television channel concepts and also takes care for the complete set up and launch process of the station. This includes technical planning, supervising of and arranging for all technical and logistical installations and processes to ensure a state-of-the-art broadcasting enviroment (playout technology solutions, postproduction and production studio facilities, broadcasting equipment). The support and services of TV Alliance may also comprise but are not limited to recruiting of top management, editorial staffing, development and production of the corporate design/on air design, program planning, program acquisitions, setting up an international distribution and marketing department. Further, TV Alliance offers professional trainings and workshops on location for all kind of technical and editorial staff necessary to run a tv station on the highest quality level.