GENRE: Fiction | Movie | Comedy
DURATION: 1 x 82 Minutes
YEAR: 2009
COUNTRY: Denmark
LANGUAGES: German/Danish
DIRECTOR: Anders Matthesen

CAST: Anders Matthesen, Søren Rislund, Iben Dorner, Linda P., Søren Malling, Thomas Hartmann

“What Goes Around” is the story about Alex Klein, a bankrupt realtor with a disastrous view on life. As Alex sees everyone around him is constantly setting him up to fail – including his successful wife who holds the job Alex always dreamed of, his annoying and clingy family and the real estate clients with bad taste and too much money to spend. Plenty to be bitter about, and Alex certainly is. So bitter that when things get more than serious, Alex isn’t quite equipped to weather the storm in a pleasant and caring manner.

An entertaining, cool and as well emotional comedy.