GENRE: Drama
DURATION: 1 x 90 Minutes
YEAR: 2010
LANGUAGES: German/French
DIRECTOR: Nicolas Herdt

CAST: Julie Gayet, Jean-Huges Anglade, Jean-Marie Winling and others

Iona is from the Basque region but works as a reporter for a Parisian newspaper. She is in Saint Jean de Luz, interviewing a former member of the Eterra terrorist group, when he is shot dead in front of her. Iona is questionned by Martial Verdier, a brilliant cop with sometimes unconventional methods. He’s just the sort of person she has been waiting for, however, and she instantly falls deeply in love. She confides in him completely, even revealing confidential professional information, and her honesty and naivety lead to her downfall. To preserve her dignity as both a woman and mother, as well as her professional status, Iona has to face up to Martial’s betrayal, a police war, and the suspicion of both her colleagues and Basque family. She was born in the Basque country, and it is in the Basque country that she will be reborn.

A thrilling drama against the background of ETA-Terroris.