They build monster trucks, work on jetplanes re-fuelled with kerosene and screw on speed boats with 120 mph  – round about one million fans of model making put to sea every week with a original replica, start the engines of their planes or their racing cars. 

Episodes: 12 x 50′
Year of production: 2012 – present
Country: Germany
Language: German

Model making has never been more popular, not only in Germany. Hobby craftsmen and professionals spend countless working hours and thousands of Euros to realize their childhood dreams of being a pilot, a captain or race driver in a scaled model. They spare neither trouble nor expenses to share envious looks of the competitors for a successful appearance  during the maiden voyage.  It is a lot of fun to see how the little speedsters drive in best time or the unloading of a truck model for the first time. These little artworks can not only match with the originals in terms of appearance but they are also fully functional. Have a look into the workshops and hobby rooms of the masters of model making and their great work.