This BlueChip documentary reflects the remarkable achievements and developments of the Islamic world in the international world of science.

Episodes: 1 x 52′
Year: 2016
Country: Germany
Languages: Arabic, English, German
Available: Autumn 2016

Centuries have passed since the Golden Age of Islamic astronomy (800- 1300 AD) and Dr. Yassin Mleaky, president of the new institute, is faced with the challenge to build upon this glorious past. His plan is to establish a robotic network of 13 telescopes spanning the globe, solely for the observation of the moon; this can only be achieved in collaboration with highly regarded observatories, as well as international acclaimed scientists, designers, and engineers. A JOUNEY TO THE STARS follows this exhilarating development from the early stages.

For Mecca, it is all about superlatives, and Nick Risinger attempts to create the world’s biggest photo merge of the Milky Way by using 36,000 photographs.